Vakuna is an adventure in Virtual Reality, designed to be used during the vaccination process in children.

Vakuna is synchronized so that at the moment of inoculation the simulation gives them superpowers to the childrens to defeat diseases.

Vakuna Poster

Vakuna is a virtual reality experience that was designed to be used in public effectors in the vaccination area, in order to de-traumatize the vaccination experience in children, offering them an adventure where they receive powers that help them defeat the monsters.

Vakuna is a virtual reality system, where the experience is controlled by the vaccinator and it is the one that determines in what times the disinfection sequences of the area to be vaccinated or to start with the vaccination are triggered, you can choose an arm in the which one to start and can be configured for any of the campaigns. It works on a virtual helmet of the Oculus Go type or with a Cardborard and a Smartphone and a Tablet with Android system, which establishes its own network to communicate with the helmet and control the experience. The entire system is simple to use and requires very little intervention from the health professional.