Naktanoon is a horror survival VR game, it is about a Qom (aboriginal) legend that tells us about the eternal struggle between summer and winter. The proyejct won a government award in 2018, and surpass the prototipe stage and with the gameplay defined, we intend to go into production in the second half of 2022.

Naktanoon Werewolf

The game takes place in an enviroment where we cannot see but we can percieve the sorroundings by the echo of our own footsteps.
                The story is based upon a native legend from north argentina that tells about Nahuet Cagüen (the Evil) who rules in shadows, he create Nomaga to defeat Naftanoon (the Good) and submit their people in a cold winter and the absence of the sun.

                In the game we take the rol of God Natktanoon, who after an epic battle was been defeated and stripped off his senses, his Powers and lot of his memories, then it was lock down in a prison tomb in the remote parts of his once kingdom.

                The Pachamama (mother earth) summon us so we can rescue our people for Nomaga submision, restore the sun and the wellness of the people.

                For that we must avoid Nomaga’s sons, strange demons from Native Mitology, who watch the prison tomb meanwhile we recover our senses and Powers.